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Business And Political Leaders Attend Clinton Global Initiative Annual MeetingWashington DC

Boo Feeder

March 9, 2018

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction! The conversation of the two Planned Parenthood leaders are not to be taken as fact.

Warning: Be aware of the nasty, foul language imagined in the “conversation”. The dialogue is simply an echo from the Nation of Islam and the acts of PP to sell human child parts.


At a posh, uber-chic restaurant in Georgetown sat Planned Paenthood president, Cecile Richards and Tamika Mallory shared a private booth. Going undercover as a man servant/server, I delivered their orders of an eclectic tasting menu served with a bottle of Sceaming Eagle Cabernet. The manager gave me the go ahead to open a $13,000 bottle of wine saying ” That’s fine. Ms. Richards is a frequent guest and always uses her Planned Parenthood platinum plastic. Go Francois, pop that cork! ” What Etienne did not give me permission for was to place a bug in the roses vase on the table that allowed for this covertly recorded sordid conversation.

Richards: Tammy! I told you to keep all contact with Louie on the DL. Shit sakes girl!

Mallory: CeeCee, how was I to know Farrakhan was being recorded? On the positive side, John “Muhammad El Ali” Whitehead has been disposed of. You know, like a post-term abortion. It was a beautiful thing to watch! 

Richards: What did we get for his, um, parts?

Mallory: Well, Cee, when we told our clients where the organs came from, they all declined. Said they had no use for “infected” parts. Beats me Cee. They buy eight month old fetus parts from a Jew bitch mother but not from a Jew lover. That’s cray cray Cee Cee!

Richards: Mal, it’s like this. You got to make it public that you don’t know, never have known, or want anything to do with Louie. Say that any pics or vids of you with him are photo shopped and edited. Got that? This is how your dear leader has demands ALL pics and vids are dealt with. Two words: PHOTO SHOPPED! You are damned lucky your dear leader has not eliminated your race. But it can be done! Remember, abortion is our path to world domination! We can only survive by killing more babies and the more Jew bastards we slice and dice, the better!

Mallory: Oh yes, yes, yes, dear leader. Planned Parenthood RULES!

At that point, the recorder nearly self destructed from the unabashed, vile hatred being dealt at that table. When I played it for the owner, he cried. Mr. Goldberg lost all but two of his family in the holocaust of some 80 years ago. Then realizing that those chambers of hate were still burning with the likes of Planned Parenthood, the Nation of Islam and inside leaders of the Democrat party, Mr. Goldberg held shiva for all the unborn babies and began a fund raising campaign to provide Jewish women an alternative to abortion.

All proceeds from this post will go directly to The Goldberg Home for Children.

STOP! This is a fictitious blog. There is no such charity! But there are such homes and there is an alternative to murdering an unborn baby. Please donate freely to help mothers whether black, white, yellow, brown, Christian, Jewish, agnostic and All other races and religions. #SaveABaby 



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March 11, 2018 at 6:14 pm

A Night At The AA Meeting With A Fat Man And A Sh**hole

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via A Night At The AA Meeting With A Fat Man And A Sh**hole

Written by boofeeder

January 13, 2018 at 2:00 am

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Written by boofeeder

October 21, 2017 at 1:12 pm

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By a stroke of luck, fate, happenstance or whatever you want to call such a chance meeting, Boo Feeder found himself stuck in an elevator with Nancy Pelosi and 2016 losing presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton. Their conversation was, well, read the transcript for yourself:

Warning! Contains offensive, vulgar language.

” Mrs. Pelosi? Mrs. Clinton? What a surprise to find both of you here at the Trump International Hotel! ” I said while boarding the Executive Elevator on the third floor. Unbeknownst to the women, I reached around my back to press the Stop button. Penthouse suite be damned! There were too many questions to ask in just six floors.

” Who the hell are you? ” They said in unison. Then Hillary said ” Oh holy freaking shit. It’s that lowbrow what’s-his-name, Boob Feeler. Hey! What the fuck? Why are we stuck in this piece of shit box? ” Then, again together, they screamed ” I love your box! “. Obviously the ladies had one or eighteen too many at the bar. This will be fun!

” Ladies. it is rumored that you are pooling resources to revise the second amendment. True? False? ” I asked with my back to the button panel.

Pelosi began with ” Revise my hairy, wet ass! That amendment is going DOWN! Who needs guns anyway? Boob Feeler! Love that name. You want to, you know….”

” Boo Feeder ma’am and no, I don’t want to feel you up. Thanks but no thanks. So, you mean to take guns away from all citizens? Everyone, Mrs. Pelosi? ”

Hillary Clinton piped in ” Goddam right Goof Baller! Nobody should have a gun. NOBODY! If there were no guns there would be no goddam gun fucking violence ASSHOLE! ” Then she turned to Mrs. Pelosi who was sucking her fingers and said to her ” Nan baby, it’s going to be okay. We’ll get in our suite and I’ll make everything fine, honey.”

I tried to ask them if they planned on outlawing knives, cars, hammers, tire irons and the like. Not to mention the scalpels of abortion doctors who kill over 200 babies a day but, without warning, the women attacked me with, you guessed it, guns! Both pulled 9mm Glocks out of their purses demanding I get them out of this box so they could get into boxes they both loved and pined for.

Funny thing was, when I let go of the Stop button, the women didn’t get out on the ninth floor. They inserted an Executive Pass key and, hand on hand, pushed the CT button. Now, what do you think they wanted to do in the Clock Tower in DC? This could be bad. Real bad.

Lucky for us all, their visit to the clock tower was not for nefarious means. They just wanted some ” alone time ” as Mrs. Pelosi told me later when I saw her and Mrs. Clinton at the bar sipping out of a bottle of  Drambuie with interlaced wet hands squeezing together tightly. Each had one hand on the bottle on the table and one hand on their pistol under the table. The mystery of why the clock bells struck seventeen times at the stroke of one, was solved!


Written by boofeeder

October 6, 2017 at 4:20 pm


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After a punishing entrance into the locker room of an NFL team, Boo Feeder was able to get an exclusive interview with a knee of one of the players. That was not the original intention as he wanted to talk to a complete person but, after being beaten down by a dozen linemen, a knee that stayed planted on Boo’s face was the best he could do. Once his larynx healed, Boo Feeder phoned in this report:

While under the knee of a player on a team that may remain anonymous, I was able to get in a few questions before the EMT’s rolled me into the back of a beer truck. Unfortunately, despite much begging with my praying hands, the cute paramedic girl would not put a Coor’s Light in the IV line. To the best of my recollection, the interview went pretty good, albeit a bit bizarre, up to the time I heard the crunching of bone. Mine.

” Hi. Could you tell me what it is you are protesting when kneeling during the National Anthem? “

” You putting my name down? What the hell you wrote there Bee Keeper? “

” It’s Boo. Boo Feeder, sir. No, I’m not divulging your name. That’s a promise CJ! ” I said while laying flat on my back holding two thumbs up. Then asked him again what was the message he and many others in the NFL were kneeling for.

” Man, it’s about white … wait, what? What damn bulge you talking Foo Bleeder? Man, you all gone racist up in here! See? That’s what we’re putting our knees down for. Like when your granddaddy cracked his whip on my black slave peoples. And your white police up in North Avenue shooting my brothers over what? A bag of boy? Man y’all supremisses got to STOP! ” he yelled while pressing dangerously close to my demise.

Gasping for a breath, I managed ” Bulge? What the hell are You talking CJ? And by the way, my family has never owned a slave unless you want to count Pamela Arnold, my Very hot babysitter when I was ten, she …..wait, that doesn’t count. As for police shootings, you know there never was a ” Hands up! Don’t shoot! ” when that officer shot a thief that was going for his gun, don’t you? How about the fact that last year 8,000 blacks were killed by other blacks, 200 were killed by police, both black and white, and ninety percent of them were armed with guns.” Whew! That took every breath I had. My eyes were rolling like a pinball being hit by the flippers but I did manage to hear the knee’s reply.

” So what, cracker! Don’t matter none of that. What do matter is  Black Lives and as long as they hand out the cheese, we going to punch a knee in the grass whenever you white slave owning supressmitts keep playing that nasty-ass whitey song. We got the rights to protest bigotry! We demand empathy for our people! We is so oppressed. What?”

At that time another knee came plunging on my neck. This one had a smooth blue suit pants leg on it but compounded with the white and purple knee it was more that I could stand. No more words were leaving nor any air entering. I passed out but somehow heard the two knees talking.

” Yo Roger! This white whipper cracker is turning blue! Said his name is Boob Feeler, he ain’t going to be feeling no more boobies we don’t get up off his lily white ass! “

” Whatever. So you know, George says you guys keep up the kneeling. Said before long he was going to get everything right in this whole damn country. When that new constitution is written, you, me and every person like us is going to rule the country, someday the whole world! By the way CJ, he put an envelope in your locker. One thicker than before!”

” Sweet! Long as George kicks out the green, we take a knee. My man!”

” Oh, he did say one more thing. He needs his grass cut and the pool cleaned. Damn! He didn’t say which lawn or pool. I have a list back in the office. After I call ESPN and tell them what to say, I’ll get that list. “

” Sheeee-it! Georgie got so many cribs! Think one day he’ll let us go swimming in one of his pools? “

That’s when the lights went out and a strange sensation came over me. I was floating inside a  what? Beer truck ambulance? ” Is this a beer truck or an ambulance? Am I having a out of body experience, Lord? ” I said to the white lights.

” No Mr. Feeler, not hardly! Mr. Bisciotti doesn’t like ambo’s on the parking lot. Makes football look dangerous so we camp out in beer trucks. Makes football look like a sport for deep pocket drinkers not poor, penniless cripples, so he says. You’re not having an out of body experience, you are under the influence of a pain medication we gave you. Now just lay back Boob. We’ll have you at Johns Hopkins in a couple minutes. Keep your hands to yourself and they’ll have you up and about soon enough. ” said a disembodied, sweet sounding female voice.

” Boo not Boob and Feeder not Feeler! ” I screamed, or at least tried to. My body was strapped to a stretcher and my hands were curiously bound with duct tape when they rolled me into the ER. It was nearly a week before I could speak any words and it’ll be another week before my hands are unbound. That gives me plenty of time to figure out who this George guy is. If you have any clues, please pass them along.

Until then, I remain Boob Feele …. Dang! Now they have me saying it. I am Boo Feeder, over and out!


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September 28, 2017 at 4:01 pm

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What Happened With The Interview With Hillary Clinton

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During an afternoon stroll in the woods near his vacation home in Chappaqua New York, Boo Feeder came upon a figure draped with a black curtain. Fearing for his life and the lives of his family just yards away, Feeder took action to thwart the threat.

” Ah hah! I got you! ” Boo Feeder screamed as he tackled the angel of death to the ground.

” Get off of me you, you, you MAN! ” was heard from inside a black cape that was twisting and turning through a copse of poison ivy. The robe then went flying away to reveal the person, not spirit, inside.

” Hill, Hill, Hillary? Hillary Clinton? What are you doing walking in the woods dressed as the Grim Reaper? By the way, you have poison ivy leaves stuck in your hair “. Feeder said while composing himself to maybe, just maybe tick off a box on his Before-I-Die list and land an interview with the former First Lady. He picked out the poison from Clinton’s hair that was curiously still in perfect shape after the wrestling then asked ” Madam Secretary, would you please give me a few minutes of your time to talk about your book, ‘What Happened’? As a matter of honesty, Feeder then gave up his identity as a freelance reporter.

” Well, well, well. First you accost me then you want to make nice with me? Typical man! ” she said through clenched teeth. ” But, you did get that nasty bush out of my hair so yeah, ask away. This is NOT for public consumption! Whatever we talk about is between me and you only! You got that Beef Eater? “

” It’s Boo Feeder  ma’am. ” He corrected. ” Mrs. Clinton you have my word that this is not for everyone, I’m just curious why you wrote that book and why you feel it necessary to lay blame for your loss ” he lied. Of course he would publish his best “get” of his career. If her bevy of lawyers tried to sue him, he would reiterate Hillary’s husband’s infamous retort of ‘What is, is?’.

” You say it was the Russian’s, James Comey and the misogynistic racists on the right that handed defeat to you as a thief in the night. Do you take any responsibility for letting  Donald Trump beat you like a tired old punching bag in Gold’s Gym? “

” You stupid, stupid wang dangled human piece of ( censored )! That golden haired slob DID NOT BEAT ME! I won the popular vote Boo Jerko! Three freaking million more people wanted ME to turn the White House into a Pink Palace. You got that Freaker? ” Hillary Clinton said while wrapping herself back into the soiled black rag.

” Those three million voters were all in California. Do you believe that one state should speak for the other forty nine? The Electoral College was written to assure the nation that presidential elections were as fair as possible. Do you believe our American system is unfair? Do you want to eliminate the Electoral College? Really? “. Feeder said with a face contorted with disbelief in what he was asking the person that so wanted to be the most powerful person on the planet.

” Electrician College? What a joke! Those damned wire strippers stole my future! I could have been the ruler of the whole ( censored ) world! ME! It was supposed to be ME! I WON but look where I am and where that orange head bastard is. He’s down there in effing Florida making nicey nice with his dirty-ass-immigrant wife and I’m walking in a forest of ugly-ass trees practicing my taraweeh prayers in a dirty black sheet. Jeeze! I HATE that college that isn’t even a college! ” Mrs. Clinton finally had herself wrapped and was about to flip the rest of the cape over her head when she began flailing her hands to her head and ran away screaming like a Banchee ” POISON IVY! Holy shit! Back Fu(censored)ing bastard. You spread poison ivy all over my beautiful face! MEN! OH Allah, or whoever you are down there, strike that MAN off this planet that I, HILLARY DAMN CLINTON, should be the leader of ! “

Stunned beyond words, Boo Feeder submitted this report with no further content. We asked if he wanted to add any afterthoughts to his impromptu interview. All he could say is ” Nah, man. My hands are covered with calamine lotion and I’m a little high from the Prednisone so, no, but thanks anyway “hillary-clinton-laughing.

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September 15, 2017 at 4:34 pm

Application To MSNBC For A TV Host Job

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May 22, 2017 at 4:22 pm

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