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So, you have a Paypal account to buy this or that on eBay, Amazon, etc., etc. You pay and get what you want in the blink of an eye. All is good. Then, you make what could be the most devastating decision in your online life: You decide to sell something to gain a few dollars in your account for relatively little work.

You have inherited a few things from grandpa that you love and some things that you could do without. There’s an ugly old clock that may or may not work but Grandpa must have like it because there’s not a speck of dust on the mahogany scrolls. But, it doesn’t fit with your conventional style so you decide to sell it. eBay’s fees are too high, Amazon doesn’t look like a place to sell antiques and there’s NO way you’d let a Craigs Lister meet you in person to pick it up. Despite the fees you opt to sell it on eBay.

And WOW! Papa Jack knew what he was doing when he bought that 100 year old clock. The bids went from $9.99 to $125 in two days then sold after seven days for $426.50 and is paid for immediately! What a gift from Above! There’s so many good things to do with these pennies from heaven. New shoes, new laptop or iPad, some name brand groceries would be a blessing (generic cereal is Disgusting!), clothes for sonny boy and on and on. Thank you Pops!

You pack the clock yourself then decide to spend a few extra bucks to have it shipped by a pro. The clock was sold As-Is with Zero guarantees because you really know nothing about how to evaluate it. There were twelve pictures from every angle possible to let those that know exactly what there’re bidding on and encouraged questions to look for what you might have missed. At the end of the bidding there was only one question to ask what shipping to Italy would be. That was strange as there was to be no International shipping so you answered politely that you will not send it over the pond. Other than that, nobody had any concerns that you were aware of.

Off she goes via Priority Mail and arrives three days later. One day after that you get your first feedback that the buyer loves the clock with “Bullet Proof Packing!” and a huge “Thank You!!!!!” at the end. The money goes to sonny boy and groceries after you marvel at how easy that was and there’s plenty more of grandpa’s stuff that you’re willing to part with.  An Elgin pocket watch sells for $139 (new shoes!), a gold coin that was laying in his old wooden “junk” box sold for $650! ( just in time to pay the hiked up health insurance bill. Thanks Obama). Over a period of three months you’ve made more on eBay than your wildest dreams ever allowed. Praise Be!!

Then the bubble bursts without warning. That clock the buyer was so happy with. Remember him? Four months later and you s that he’s decided the clock doesn’t work and demands a full refund. What?You say. How can someone own an antique object for 120 days then return it on w him? Naw! Can’t be. That sudden negative Paypal balance has to be a mistake.

But it’s a sad reality. Paypal allows all buyers up to 180 days to return an item for whatever reason the makes up. Even an antique dish that falls off the table and shatters when a dog goes wagging by can be sent back for a full refund six months after the sale. Paypal claims that ” all our customers are honest. If they say that dish was broken when they got but forgot to make the claim until a few months later, well that’s just a forgivable oversight. Besides, you, the seller, should have never sold a broken dish to begin with.” It’s that California liberal attitude that all business people are unsavory thieves while the common man is honest as long as the day is long in the Alaskan summer. That is all businesses except theirs. They are the saviors saving the world from evildoers like you, the person that sold a clock in good faith. Or the one that sold a piece of glass that was never declared as indestructible but should have been because not all people know that glass can break or that old clocks need oiled now and then.

So what is the alternative? I honestly have no answers but would certainly welcome some input. Please reply!

Thank you.


Written by boofeeder

January 10, 2017 at 9:24 pm

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