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Shameless Self Promotion: Buy My Book ‘Murder By The Hours’!

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Murder By The Hours


Yes, this is shameless and may be deemed greedy but…who amongst the media world is not guilty of it? I could name dozens that jam their latest work down our throats day after day after..But, I will spare you the monotony. This post is off track from the usual political humor I offer for your entertainment. It is solely to get you to buy my murder mystery ebook novel on Amazon! (Click on link above to view on Amazon)

Murder By The Hours introduces David Quinn to the genre as a paranoid antiques collector with a passion for vintage watches and a recovering addict as the only viable suspect in the brutal death of his fiance. The setting is in south central Pennsylvania and brings actual local history into this take of fiction. Where Quinn goes, what he does and with whom he does it with will keep you on the edge from page one to the last. It is a quick, shorter read that is not intended to win awards for literature but for your reward of an entertaining read that will have you thinking and laughing all at once.

With enough support I hope to keep the stories coming! I have a fervent imagination and hope to support my wife (and cats) with playful yarns!

Thanks and hope you can see your way to buy this book on Amazon then review it for all to share.


Written by boofeeder

September 15, 2014 at 4:49 pm

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