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Raise The Wage! Don’t Protest – Organize! So Says President Obama

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At a speaking gig at an elite university, our esteemed leader Barrack Obama continued his eight year long campaign with “Don’t protest: Organize!” in regards to raising the minimum wage rate. And who was he talking to? Kids going to a school where tuition is in the six figures! If those who graduate are actually worried that they will make less than ten bucks an hour, maybe they need to rethink their major. Possibly a BFA (Burger Flipping Arts) degree is not for them. It may be easy to ace the courses and eating the leftovers saves them a lot of dough but….four years of college to get a job that will take 487 years to pay off the student loan? Maybe Obama should encourage them to , say, grow a set? To encourage ambition, not entitlement? Oh my, that’s so harsh, sorry.

As I write and think about it, it would benefit us all if the minimum wage were $30 and hour, not the measly $10.10 the pres is campaigning for. Think about it. At $30/hr the savings would be huge. There would be no need for college. Why bother with school when you’re guaranteed a job at middle class wages right out of the gate? In fact, we could even cut out high school. As soon as a child learns to read and write in a language of their choice and can do enough math to give the correct change, put them to work! If you have four or five kids in the workforce making thirty bucks an hour, you, the parent who deserves a break, could stay home to enjoy the bounties. It’s a win, win, win!

I apologize Mr. Obama. You are right. Organize the children. Raise the minimum wage to $30 so my children can support the ones that gave them life (ie Moi!).  I could then quit looking for a job and spend more time blogging nonsense. Thank you!



Written by boofeeder

April 3, 2014 at 4:44 pm

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