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If Dogs Were Dicks

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Who doesn’t wonder how names were made? I certainly do. Why is a tree a tree and not a thumb? Or a lake not a rock? How about dick instead of a dog? If a cat is a pussy why can’t a dog be a dick? Think of all the ways we could turn a phrase:

  1. A dick is a man’s best friend.
  2. My dick loves to stick his head out the window.
  3. It’s a three dick night.
  4. Dang dick pissed on the carpet!
  5. Yes, my dick is housebroken.
  6. Your dick is SO cute!
  7. Oh Boy! The Westminster Dick Show is on TV!
  8. Taking my dick for a walk in the park.
  9. My dick has fleas. He needs a dick collar.
  10. If I put a GPS tracker on my dick, it’ll never get lost.
  11. Excuse me. Have you seen my dick?
  12. My dick loves his balls.
  13. Down dick!
  14. My dick and pussy get along quite well.
  15. Good dick!
  16. Has your dick had its’ shots?
  17. Your dick has beautiful fur.
  18. Most dicks have a wild streak in them.
  19. A pack of dicks.
  20. Please make your dick stop humping me!

And so on! If you have any more, send them along. Right now my dick needs to got out. Bye!


Written by boofeeder

February 3, 2012 at 1:15 pm

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