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AN ABORTION OF GHOSTS – Based on a true story

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For your entertainment, I have posted a novelette on Amazon Kindle that will evoke your imagination, beliefs and moral fiber.  ‘An Abortion of Ghosts’ is based on true events as I saw them and facts that have been scurried away to save public scrutiny from those involved.

The haunting took place on a small southern Maryland business property. The owner witnessed a violence perpetrated out of thin air and saw ominous messages being written all about him, not done by a human hand. Shook to his core, he shared the experience with a close friend and pleaded for help. “Should I call a priest? A rabbi? A preacher? A psychic healer? What do I do?” he begged.

They agreed to call in a parapsychology team and what they found will astound and amaze you.  To protect the innocent and to keep others involved, I have changed the names, places and organizations but take it from me, the story is real!

To note, I was and still am a skeptic. What happened cannot be denied but it is still difficult for me to believe in a world in limbo. Read it, absorb it and feel free to leave a comment for more discussion.

(Opens in a new window)  http://tinyurl.com/3cohlu3

Thank you!


Written by boofeeder

May 31, 2011 at 1:54 pm

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